August 16

4 Ways to get your family to support your fitness hobbies.


I am 35 minutes into a 75 minute bus ride in Kailua Hawaii as I write this blog  post. I’m headed to the 2019 Hawaii Spartan Race to volunteer to help set up for the races this weekend. By volunteering, I am able to race for free (I am only required to pay for racers  insurance  and the ridiculously expensive merchandise that I must purchase).


I am in Hawaii for the week with the love of my life, and my two year old daughter. When I saw that Spartan was returning to Hawaii early this year, I suggested to my love that we plan a “family vacation” around the race!  With a grin and a beady eyed look she obliged and we began the planning process.


Getting your family and friends to support your passion for your fitness hobbies can be daunting. Often, they don’t understand your passion and desire to do the crazy things you do, whether it’s Crossfit or Obstacle Course Racing, our sedentary citizens sometimes can’t see the appeal. The good news is that they don’t have to. If they truly care and love you they only need to see you enjoying your passion. What makes you happy should make them happy.


if you’re struggling to get your family and friends to support your fitness passion, here are five helpful ways to get them to support you:


1. Include them in activities


As much as you can, include them in your activities related to your hobby or sport. For example, if you have a family member struggling with weight loss (who doesn’t?), offer to train with them and give them suggestions and tips on nutrition and meal prepping.


2. Acknowledge them


If they are supporting you mentally, physically, or financially then you should be acknowledging them socially and in private. Often, the difference between someone supporting you or ignoring you can come down to whether or not you acknowledged their previous efforts.


Acknowledgment should be very clear and precise. For example, if someone has consistently gave you a ride to practice or training, you should be telling them  each time, “I appreciate you taking me to practice and to my games. I know that gas isn’t cheap and there are a lot of things you could be doing with your time.”


3. Don’t ask for money, ask for sponsorship


Money is a precious commodity and no one wants to see it wasted. When you ask for money, you are not giving anything of value in return. Rather than asking your loved ones for money, ask for sponsorship. Link your success in your sport with their success as a sponsor. For example, ask a friend of family to sponsor your activity in an event and in return you will advertise for their business or favorite charity during the event. That advertisement could come in the form of participating in the event with a T-shirt or headband with business or organization of choice  from the sponsor.


4. Let them see your sacrifice


Don’t sacrifice in the dark all alone. Be transparent about your journey and your struggles. If your skipping meals and pinching pennies to get to your next event, don’t be afraid to show that struggle on your social media platforms and to your friends. By showing them the struggle then allowing them to be apart of the journey (see step 1 above), you are giving them an opportunity to be apart of your winning story!


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