According to a 2009 study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology, it takes a minimum of 18 days to form a new habit. The data also shows that most weight loss participants see their greatest success in the first 3 weeks of starting a new diet and exercise program. 

The problem is that most people quit 7 to 10 days into their new fitness journey because they didn't have the right structure, accountability, and culture in place to get them to success.

This is why we created the 21 Day Fit Focus Challenge.

how does the challenge work?

Sign Up, Show Up, Look Better Naked

Register for your free consultation below! When you sign up for the challenge, you'll then receive your free towel, gym bag, and custom Nutrition Plan.

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Why join the challenge?

The #1 reason WHY you should have joined this challenge already is that it works

We've helped hundreds of people lose weight and we can do the same for you. 

Our programs utilize nutrition and fitness processes that are guaranteed to melt fat and build muscle at a sustainable pace.

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Program Highlights

  • Brand New Facility
    All access pass to a new, fully equipped facility. We have multiple class offerings in the morning and evenings for your convenience.
  • World Class Fitness & Nutrition Coaching 
    Our HIIT workouts are designed to challenge and improve your muscular and aerobic system which results in a high caloric deficit. You can expect to burn 500 to 800 calories per class.
  • Constant Accountability
    Accountability and check ins help you stay true to the goals you set for yourself. This ensures that by the end of your program, you  will feel stronger, leaner, and more motivated to take on the next challenge.
  • Best Community Ever
    Be part of a supportive and inclusive group that will help you become the best version of you. Our community is packed with other amazing people just like you, and includes ALL fitness levels.

Stop Waiting and Start Working

The only way you can bring positive change to your life, is to start by creating positive habits. Ultimately, those habits will become rituals that create the conditions in which a new you will emerge. 

But it starts with you and it starts right now. Join the tribe now and make this summer the best possible.

 Stop waiting and start working! 

Koach Solomon


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- 3 P.T. sessions
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- Training app Access
- 21 day challenge
- Free Yoga Class