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Crazy Focused is more than our motto or slogan, it is a way of life. PSYKO FIT is a mixed modal (multiple modes of fitness) athletic brand. The tenants of our fitness philosophy are centered around these 5 pillars: Power, Speed, Yoga, Kalisthenics, and Obstacle course racing (OCR). We believe that the first four pillars allow the athlete to perform at the culminating event - the obstacle course. It is during the obstacle course that all modes of training combine and allow the athlete to perform at the highest level.

Performing at the highest level of one's ability requires a level of focus that is not commonly found. During life, training and competition, many distractions and obstacles are placed in our way - doubt, injury, fatigue, and failure just to name a few. However, the PSYKO athlete sees only the goal, the finish line. The relentless, tireless and undistracted pursuit of the goal, that is CRAZY FOCUS.our text here...