The good news is that 2020 is coming to an end and not soon enough, the troubling news is that the bad habits that you picked up in 2020 will follow you into 2021 if you don't do something!

With parks, gyms, and fitness centers still shutdown across the nation, a lot of people are experiencing decreased levels of activity with increased levels of stress.


That's a recipe for disaster that's why I am kicking off my 2021 Step Challenge. 

how does the challenge work?

Sign Up, Sync Up, and Get To Work

  • Register for the challenge below
  • Follow the instructions on your registration email to sync your activity tracker
  • Win prizes, giveaways, and compete with friends. Work individually or in teams!

why does it work?

Get Moving Now

  • Accountability 
    Steps are tracked and measured on our custom leader board and updates are sent out frequently
  • Motivation
    Competition and teamwork drive motivation. Step challenges work to promote not only peer-to-peer competition but also cooperation and engagement 
  • Easy Access
    Walking is a given for most people, while others enjoy running, but everybody enjoys having fun. Step challenges are accessible and enjoyable - no better combination.

Stop Waiting and Start Working

The only way you can bring positive change to your life, is to start by creating positive habits. Ultimately, those habits will become rituals that create the conditions in which a new you will emerge. 

But it starts with you and it starts right now. Join the tribe now and start 2021 in the right direction.

 Stop waiting and start working! 

Koach Solomon